Friday, 2 January 2009

Sonia Kaur Dhami

Sonia Kaur Dhami is a sikh architect. Dhami is an architect who owns a business that designs Sikh temples (gurdwaras) throughout the world. She also designs and fabricates sculptures, murals, oil paintings and articles of the Sikh faith. An example is a palki sahib, a sort of throne where the Sikh holy book rests. For the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara on Southall-London, she designed and fabricated two palki sahibs in gold and silver, as well as the marble inlay work, brass and chrome railings, chandoa and chanini sahibs. They also designed stained glass panels. She has also worked on the San Jose Gurdwara in the USA. Below is an example of her work, the image shows the stain glass window she designed for the Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Southall, England.

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