Thursday, 22 January 2009

Jot Singh Khalsa

Jot Singh Khalsa is a weapons master who is a trained metal smith. Jot Sing grew up in Mills, Massachusetts and when he was 19 started studying fine arts at college, with a focus on gold and silversmithing. He started studying Kundalini Yoga, which he has done for over 30 years, and through this he met Yogi Bhajan. He found the Sikh religion appealing so decided to become a Sikh. Coming into contact with the Sikh religion he came across the Sikh Kirpan (click here to learn more about the 5 K's) which Sikh's wear to remind them to be a protector of the weak and innocent. So he started making Sikh Kirpan's after making his first knife in 1977. He has won many awards for his knife making , including Best Damascus Knife from Damascus USA, Best Art Knife from the Chicago Custom Knife Show and Best Knifemaker at the California Knife Show. Jot Singh is a full practising Sikh and is also a Sikh Minister.

Amongst his works he has made a sword with the entire Jaap Sahib prayer by Guru Gobind Singh to commemorate 300 years of the Khalsa in 1999. Besides forging the blade and metal work, he also supervised the engraving and finishing work. Jot Singh’s wife, Harbhajan Kaur, collected the many donations that funded the expense of the sword. Below are some images of this special sword and other examples of his work.

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