Saturday, 17 January 2009

New website URL

We have just bought a new website domain which is, this should be easier to remember and please add this to your favourites. Also click on the follow this blog link on the panel here ===============================================>
this will ensure that you are notified when the website is updated. We are also undergoing a complete redesign of the website which should be online within a couple of days. Please help us to continue promoting Sikhism to the next generation of Sikhs and other people attracted to this beautiful religion by making a donation, which will be used to maintain this website. There is also a donation link on the panel to the right and this is totally secure, it takes you to PayPal.

If you know of a famous Sikh that we should profile and add to the site, just send us a comment on the blog posts or if you have a specific query you can use the contact form at the bottom of the right hand taskbar.

Thank you
Harpal Singh

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